I should have named her Virga – Inga Clough Falterman

In conjunction with Spring for Art, the St Tammany Art Association presents a new exhibition I should have called her Virga, opening Saturday, April 8, 2017 with a reception from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The exhibition will run to Saturday May 20, 2017.

Artist and drawing instructor, Inga Clough Falterman, will present work that will include large scale representational and metaphorical landscape drawings, nearly five feet in dimension, as well as smaller pieces. The primary medium of the drawings is charcoal, with pieces in other mediums including sewn elements and sculptural pieces.

In the artist’s words, “The idea of keeping and hoping are tangled and so become the bedrock of my work. The propensity for keeping all things that change the same is not an uncommon conflict in human nature. The question of what it is we can keep at all is more personal, and the work suggested for the exhibition “I should have named her Virga,” provokes the viewer to consider priorities, gains, and losses, and examine the emotional and/or intellectual value of those aspects of life.

 “Virga is a meteorological event where rain falls from high altitude but never reaches the ground. Its evanescence is what gives it an ephemeral beauty that defines its existence. Although virga is obviously a part of that elementary water cycle so clearly depicted in our early earth science textbooks, it doesn’t quite fit the linear equation of water evaporating from lakes and oceans and then falling to earth again as rain to form streams and rivers to fill lakes and oceans to once again evaporate. Pilots are warned to steer clear of virga, and to keep a sharp lookout for its existence around them. Virga may preclude sudden microbursts, sudden and violent downdrafts of air that are potentially extremely damaging and can be storms within a storm, at times. 

“At least we can see virga. The observation is dear to me. I have seen this upper atmosphere mist often over the great plains at the foot of the Great Divide, and it is a quiet and small wonder in the vastness of our sky. The work for ‘I should have named her Virga’ therefore is not to propose a morose or pessimistic view of the inability to call anything our own, but more of a celebration in acknowledging the intangibility of dreams and wishes which we will continue to strive to make manifest.”

The exhibit is free and open to the public.

Gallery Talk and Connections Series
virga gallery

Save the date for Gallery Talk with Inga on Sunday, April 23 at 2 p.m.  Join this amazing artist as she shares about her creative process, her techniques, and more!

This exhibition’s Connections Series will feature a concert by The Ben Redwine Trio (Ben Redwine on clarinet, Don Vappie on guitar, and Joshua Vappie on bass).  The concert, which is inspired by the I should have named her Virga exhibition, will be Thursday, April 20 at 6:30 p.m.

Also featured as part of our Connections Series, Liz Bragdon and STAA present “Adventures with Virga”, an hour-long family-friendly exploration of Inga Clough Falterman’s exhibit, “I should have named her Virga,” through yoga, creative movement, and storytelling.  Liz Bragdon, playful movement educator will be leading the class. There will also be a fun, short art activity incorporated at the end of class.  For ages 4 & up & their grown-ups.  Cost: $22 admits one adult & child; add $8 for each additional family member. More Info
Please bring you own yoga mats.

About the artist:
Inga Clough Falterman has been awarded residencies at Trelex Residency, Trelex, Switzerland and at Illinois Wesleyan University.
Clough Falterman’s work has been exhibited at The Paper Chase (Group) Saladino Gallery, Covington, LA Reunion Exhibition (Two Man) University of Richmond, Richmond, VA, Open Studio (Group) Trelex Residency, Trelex, Switzerland … am i blue… (Invitational) McLean County Arts Center (MCAC), Bloomington, Illinois, Three Feet High and Rising (Solo Exhibition) MCAC, Bloomington, Illinois, Dragonflies and Butterflies (Invitational) Open Press, Ltd., Denver, Colorado, Dorothy’s Red Shoes (Invitational) MCAC, Bloomington, Illinois, Louisiana in Print (Invitational) Diboll Gallery, Loyola University, New Orleans, Louisiana, KidsmART Exhibition (Group) Arthur Rogers Tchoupitoulas Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana, First Printmaker’s Invitational (Invitational) ASLD, Denver, Colorado, Geoffrey Ridge and Inga Clough: Prints and Drawings (Two Man Exhibition) Open Press, Ltd., Denver, Colorado, Expanded Visions (Group) ASLD, Denver, Colorado, Intaglio: A Process Installation (Five Man Exhibition) Open Press, Ltd., Denver, Colorado, AIC Faculty Exhibition (Group) AIC, Denver, Colorado, Spark Gallery Open Exhibition (Group) Denver, Colorado, 10/60: Tenth Anniversary Show of Open Press, Ltd., (Invitational) Open Press. Ltd., Denver, Colorado, Annual Juried Exhibition (Juried) Beaumont Art League, Beaumont, Texas, Cambridge Art Association National Prize Show (Juried) Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and finned, four-legged and flying (Graduate Thesis Exhibition) Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York.

She earned her BA/Studio Art, Art History, English Minor, University of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia in 1994 and her MFA in Printmaking, Art History Graduate Minor, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York 1998.

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